Are you trying to find luxury thrones from the Baroque period?

All sorts of luxury thrones from the Baroque style

Here you can find all sorts of luxury thrones. We have thrones made of wood, synthetic leather, leather, etc... You will find thrones with golden, silver, white and beige ornamented frames. The interior of the thrones can be black, pink, white or any other color. We also try to mix antique furnitures with modern style. This is why you can ask or find on our website modern thrones with, for example, flags and stripes in the interior of the throne.

High qualify handcrafted thrones

All our luxury thrones have handcrafted in Europe by expert crafters who work hard to deliver high quality luxury products. They are all extremely cheap compared to other luxury thrones on the market.

As we handcrafted all our luxury thrones, you can ask us to create your own customized throne and we will work on it as soon as we get your command.