Are you searching for a luxury salon chair from the Baroque period?

All types of salon chairs

Here you can find a wide variety of luxury salon chairs from the Baroque period. These salon chairs are totally customizable and have been created using materials like leather, wood and gold. You can find salon chairs colored with colors from the actual Baroque period or Baroque designs but special drawing or colors on the chairs. For example, you can find a chair with the USA flag on it.

Beautiful handcrafted salon chairs

All these salon chairs have been handcrafted in Europe. Our crafters work hard to meet a high standard of quality for our luxury clients. In addition, we sell our salon chairs at very cheap prices compared to their quality. 

What are you waiting for? Create your own customized salon chair!

As everything is handcrafted, you can make a wish or choose to customize a specific salon chair that you like and we will create your own customized and unique salon chair.