Are you searching for luxury footstools from the Baroque period?

Incredible Baroque style footstools

Here you will find incredibly high quality luxury footstools from the Baroque style. There are footstools from the Ottoman style and antique style. There are footstools for all tastes; red, blue, white, green, golden, striped and flagged. They are all created with luxury materials such as leather and wood. We have mixed antique style footstools with modern vintage style. This is why you will be able to find footstools with the UK flag on them or an imitation of leopard skin. The feet of the footstools are generally made of wood and can be black, golden, silver, white and wood color.


Marvelous crafters working together to create beautiful footstools

All these footstools are handcrafted by great crafters in Europe. This is why we deliver high quality products to our clients. This is also why all our footstools are fully customizable. Just tell us what you want and we will do it for you. Our prices are very cheap compared to other high quality luxury footstools on the market.