Are you searching for a luxury bench from the Baroque period?

Stylish benches

Here you can find our wide collection of luxury benches from the Baroque period. We create benches just like they were before (small with both sides going up). You will be able to find wooden benches with golden, silver, black, grey and beige ornamented frames. The benches can be black, red, blue, stripped or of any other color or symbol. We try to mix baroque style benches with modern furnitures. This is why you will also be able to find benches with flag on them.

Handcrafted furnitures

All our luxury benches are handcrafted in Europe by passionate crafters who work hard to deliver high quality furnitures. These benches can go anywhere but preferably indoor. They are very comfortable and would go very well in an entrance or a corridor.

As we handcraft all our products, you can ask us to create your own unique customized bench and we will create it for you.